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Live in a Flat or Condo? Follow Bristol Locksmith Security Tips

People usually receive security advice when they live in a big house, because there are many access points that may be vulnerable in front of burglars. But, according to statistics quoted by expert Bristol locksmith technicians, apartment break-ins are quite common occurrences, they are in fact as common as house invasions.

Why should the security of a flat or condo be less important? As a matter of fact, Bristol locksmith has discovered that lack of home security literature and equipment are among the factors favoring break-ins.

Before moving into a new condo

Bristol locksmith professionals are always available, 24/7 for any apartment security issue you may have. In fact, if you call our offices at Akai Locksmith, you can get a free assessment of all your safety risks. Our expert can pay you a visit, evaluate the neighborhood, the building, give you tips on what type of security you may need.

Some things can be even observed by yourself, before moving
- Is the apartment building guarded at the main entrance?
- Is there an intercom system?
- Is the neighborhood well lit?
- How many access points are there that lead to your condo?

After moving into an apartment

1. The first thing to do, according to our Bristol locksmith experts is to change your front door locks. This is an operation that should be done immediately, no matter if there was someone living there before or you are moving into a newly built condo. As a security measure, this is the best preventive one: you never know who else can hold a copy of the existing key.

2. For an apartment, the price for rekeying and changing is almost the same, so Bristol locksmith recommends totally changing the lock, installing a state-of-the art latest generation one. A deadbolt is highly recommendable. These are the most un-pickable of all existing locks.

3. Make sure your front door is always kept closed, even with you inside, incidents can happen even in broad light.

4. Window security is another important aspect Bristol locksmith will be able to help. One of our technicians can evaluate your windows, their latches, how well they are installed and if they need extra safety features. If you live closer to the ground floor, it is highly advisable to install bars, especially if there are additional fire escape or balcony access points around.

5. Another important tip would be to make sure your hallway, balcony or other adjacent parts to the rooms are properly lit. If your hallway lights are not strong enough, make sure to install stronger bulbs. The bottom line is that you need to make sure there are no dark access areas that lead to your flat.

It is generally advisable to also have a small house alarm installed, if more people have access to the condo. For this and every other security aspects, Bristol locksmith experts can be a genuine, precious help.

The important thing is to act immediately, should you observe any sign of danger. Our 24/7 Akai Locksmith services are available, so don't hesitate to call for any safety matter related to your flat.